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Website of both new film and a project produced by Tomas Hulík and Miloš Majda "Return of Lynxes or Milos and Lynxes". They have undertaken to raise two baby lynxes Lizi and Muro, which came from Ostrava's Zoo (Czech Republic). The director of Ostrava's Zoo  was delighted with the idea to return two animals into the wild. He took it as a little satisfaction for the Slovakian countryside in return to Slovakians for supplying the Czech zoo with the wild lynxes in the past. The website is made as an online diary with regular updates, photos and videos from the life of two young lynxes and their preparation for a formidable task: to survive in the wild, full of pitfalls ... You too can actively participate by leaving comments, writing a blog or by direct support of this project. Film document prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, State of Nature and National Parks Great and Small Fatra in collaboration with Television, ORF, NDR, with the support of the Vienna Film Fund, the Austrian Film Fund will be available to see in late 2010 on either STV (Slovak National Channel) or the Austrian Television ORF in the cycle Universum.